Version 1.0.26 (Build 110219)
1. Max warehouse slot increased 200->500
2. Fixed guild tickets cannot be bought
3. Rep damage bonus for magics now only work for spells from circle 9 and 10

Version 1.0.25 (Build 090219)
1. Angels now show different sprites (HP angel uses INT sprite)

Version 1.0.24 (Build 080219)
1. Added new spell "Strike-of-the-Ghosts" (450 INT). Best Mage spell before COTG and cannot be obtained from Random Item Box.
2. Added SOTG Manual to Abaddon drops at 3%
3. Updated Drop List in CTRL + H
4. Some weapons STR requirements have been rebalanced for 475 level server
5. Removed player name from chat above head message since we already have player names written under their feet
6. Several changes to DirectDraw that improves FPS in Fullscreen mode
7. Possible fix to ghost bug (related to 800x600 resolution)
8. Disabled "Pretend Corpse" skill in Gladiator Arena map

Version 1.0.23 (Build 020219)
1. Added a signboard chat on top "Retired Gladiator" NPC
2. Added "Random Weapon Dye Box" in Donation Shop. NOTE: Only 5 colors available (White, Gold, Green, Pink, Crimson)
3. Fixed bug damage texts being dragged on left and bottom screen when player goes offscreen due to no attached Owner (related to 800x600 resolution)

Version 1.0.22 (Build 300119)
1. Exp rate increased
2. Updated drop list in Ctrl + H
3. Price of "Rep Wine" item increased from 5->15
4. Removed Ball Points System and "Ball Shop" NPC
5. Added new item "Random Item Box" to all monster drops
6. "Random Item Box" gives random unstatted items that were available in Ball Shop before
7. Added "Combatant Cape" to Helclaw & Tigerworms drop list
8. Stats of HC/TW/IW/FW/Abaddon have been adjusted to be weaker
9. Fixed scoreboard in Gladiator Arena didn't update/remove score of DCed players
10. Fixed "Yes" button in Gladiator Arena's revive dialogbox that locks player to BI if the player clicked the button twice

Version 1.0.21 (Build 290119)
1. Added "Fullscreen" option in Setup
2. New updated HelRaidSetup.exe deployed
3. Fixed small bugs in Gladiator Arena
4. Fixed bug getting EKs when killed players from same nation
5. Titles System now creates backup file *just in case*
6. Updated "Retired Gladiator" NPC
7. Restrict certain spells in Gladiator Arena
More updates regarding Ball Shop soon.

Version 1.0.20 (Build 270119)
1. Fixed GameServer crash issue related to Gladiator codes
2. GameServer now checks your last movements when attacking and puts you in "Peace" mode if the time reaches our custom defined value. This is done to prevent AFK farming.
3. Gladiator Arena requires at least 4 players to start scoring (gaining EKs upon killing)
4. Added "Gladiator" title under Common Titles category. NOTE: Doesn't accumulate your previous gladiator kill counts you have made

Version 1.0.19 (Build 250119)
1. Added Command Hall NPC (Gail) in Cityhall
2. Added Gladiator Arena (currently in test mode)
3. Added "Retired Gladiator" NPC in Cityhall

Version 1.0.18 (Build 230119)
1. Fixed EK Announcer that was looping and spamming kill messages
2. Removed "Fake Fullscreen Mode" until further notice
3. Changed Cityhall's map sprite
4. Removed other buildings in City except Cityhall and their teleports changed to Cityhall
5. Transferred all NPCs into Cityhall
6. Reduced rain and snow drop counts to not affect much fps
7. Removed STR requirement to all available bows

Version 1.0.17 (Build 190119)
1. New updated Setup.exe deployed
2. Added option "Hide Magic Effect & Sounds" in Setup.exe
3. Restored "Windowed Mode"
4. Removed all other unnecessary *fix* options in Setup.exe, we don't need them anymore
5. Removed "Grayscale Overlay" option as well
6. Client will now disable high DPI scaling by default so no more mouse cursor issues
7. Client will now apply "ALT freeze fix" in Windowed Mode by default
8. Temporary disabled Splash screen (logo image) upon launching client

Version 1.0.16 (Build 180119) [Fake Fullscreen Experimental]
1. Added "Fake Full Screen" (instant alt tabbing without issues)
2. Works on Windows 7 and Windows 10 (Need confirmation from Windows 8 users)
3. Temporary disabled "Windowed Mode"
4. Client speed adjusted to x2 (Will need further adjustment)
5. Fixed Logout button in F12 doesn't work as it should
6. Slowed down Attack & Casting Delay to near original delay
7. Added Merien Stone in Majestic Shop (For crafting purpose)
8. Fixed Kloness wands do not increase magical damage and no longer have rep damage effect on physical hits

Version 1.0.15 (Build 140119)
1. Extra damage of "Demon Slayer" weapon to Demons has been adjusted for high rate server type. NOTE: Extra damage only apply to crit attacks
2. Added description texts when mouse over on "Upgrade" button in F6 (inventory)
3. Re-aligned on hover description texts for bottom menu to show at fixed Y axis which is just above EXP Bar
4. Added Hunger percentage % when mouse over on Hunger Bar
5. Moved "fps" counter to bottom left screen

Version 1.0.14 (Build 120119)
1. All server consoles rebooted
2. Changed "Master" button in character creation window to "Archer" and apply basic stats for archer accordingly
3. Added Hunger Gauge Bar (yellow colored) at bottom left screen

Version 1.0.13 (Build 090119)
1. Fixed "Recall" spell didn't work on different map if next recall pad in town was set
2. Fixed Endurance of upgraded armors become 0/0 after took out from Warehouse

Version 1.0.12 (Build 080119)
1. Server host location has been moved to Los Angeles (CA), USA
2. Improved anti-rollback system in gameserver

Version 1.0.11 (Build 070119)
1. Added "View Titles" menu at the bottom right screen for easier access
2. Monster Cards and Donation Coins from secondary drop moved to first/primary drop
3. Added new titles under Common Titles category
--- "Blacksmith" - Every successful manufacture, the point increases by 1
--- "Alchemist" - Every successful alchemy, the point increases by 1
--- "Farmer" - Every successful farming, the point increases by 1
--- "Treasure Hunter" - The point increases by 1 whenever you get Donation Coin (0.01%) or Monster Card (0.50%) from mob drops

Version 1.0.10 (Build 060119)
1. Re-designed Titles dialog box (Common and Special) to only show title names. Mouse over them to see their description and your current points
2. Reduced titles refresh time from 30secs to 15secs
3. Added mining rocks in Promiseland map for now (coords 120,60). Nearby Orges pit
4. Added "Crafter" title under Common Titles. Every successful crafting, the point increases by 1
5. Added "Miner" title under Common Titles. Every successful mining, the point increases by 1

Version 1.0.9 (Build 050119)
1. "Cancellation" spell is now usable by Archer class. Though the required INT is 10, it is only castable if the player has 300 MAG/CHR or more
2. Fixed client choppy/stuttering on certain windows 8 machines
3. Added a message to "/to" command if the player is not online/connected to game server
4. Added our first Common Title (Ctrl Q): Fishing title. For every successful fishing, the point increases by 1
5. Donator titles have been renamed to something nicer and catchy depending on the level

Gameserver Quick Update 05/01/2019
1. Fixed Wizard Chain Mails requires CHR instead of MAG
2. Special cape/shoe/boots are now dye-able with normal dyes

Version 1.0.8 (Build 040119)
1. Fixed Special cape/shoe/boots caps physical damage randomly
2. Added active spell icons on left side of screen with timers
3. Added Donation Coin to all mob secondary drops EXCEPT BOSSES at 0.01% chance

Version 1.0.7 (Build 311218)
1. Added Donation Manager NPC for redeeming your Donation Coins, located inside City Hall
2. Normal item upgrade function (using Mer/Xel stones) has been removed from server
3. Secondary drop now drops stated items instead of plain, except special ability items like xelima, merien and medusa
4. All armors and weapons are now upgradeable with Majestic Points
--- Max upgrade point is 15
--- Each armor/weapon upgrade has 40% success chance rate, Angels have 100% success rate
--- Does NOT remove your items' stats & attributes upon success
--- Does NOT lose item if upgrade process failed, you will only lose your majestic points
--- Custom extra stats for each upgrade will be decided soon

Version 1.0.6 (Build 291218)
1. Reverted back casting delay animation to how it was originally made
2. Added shadow box on chat above players heads
3. Changed spell casting name to style to normal text with shadow box instead of using sprited fonts (looks RO-ish ;p)
4. Fixed client crashes when casting Triple Energy Bolt due to incorrect frames
5. Improved item description box to show accurate width based on longest text and shows different color for each attribute
--- Screenshots:

Version 1.0.5 (Build 251218)
1. Donation Shop npc has been added in game, located in Cityhall
2. Added Donator title in Special Titles category
--- You can set 1 title from each category, which means you can have up to 3 titles from 3 different categories at a time
--- Example image:
3. Added in new donation items, mostly are random boxes.
4. Fixed Wanted skull icon disappears after being stripped by hammers
5. Fixed HP not fully healed after restart from death if the player uses HP angel
6. Improved "Recall" spell to be able to set next recall pad you want to be teleported to by pressing CTRL and click on any of available recall pad areas on the guide map (minimap)
7. Reduced after-use delay for all Potions from 2secs to 0.7sec
8. Mobs: Upon dying, removes the dead body immediately before the actual sprite disappears so no more annoying moves to take the drop especially on large sprited mobs
9. Adjusted night mode to be darker than original, it's about the feels ;p
10. Fixed warehouse dialog texts, was displaying same string on 2 lines
11. Warehouse and Shop Sell dialogs now accepts double click to store or sell
12. Grid option now overlays onto the background surface instead of drawing as object
13. Adjusted cast animation delay to utilize mage classes, now decrease the delay depending on MAG you have
--- Current adjustments to cast delay:
--- Below 100 MAG, Delay +25
--- Above 100 MAG, Delay +15
--- Above 200 MAG, Delay +5
--- Above 300 MAG, Delay 0
--- Above 400 MAG, Delay -3
--- Above 500 MAG, Delay -7
--- Above 600 MAG, Delay -13
--- Might need further adjustments to this

Version 1.0.4 (Build 241218)
- Partially fix to memory leaks in client
- Fixed Magic spell names gets overlapped with tree damage
- Tree damage now will only display after player's chat or casting name above head disappears to avoid overlapping

Gameserver Quick Update 22/12/2018
- Adjusted several anti hack timings to prevent false detection that randomly disconnect innocent players
-- Just a friendly reminder: Do not use any hack softwares to cheat, if caught, you'll never be able to connect to server anymore no matter how you change your IPs :)
- Fixed hammer strip chances according to their % chance
- Revamped map auto cleaner functions, now executes every hour. EG: 00:00, 01:00, 02:00, 03:00 and so on
-- Server will announce reminder messages 5 minutes before it happens

Gameserver Quick Update 20/12/2018
- Global weapon damage rates have been reduced. Need further balancing on certain weapons
- Global bow damages have been fixed. Before was depending on str
- Global mob respawn times have been reduced to 5 seconds, Wyv/Fw/Abby has 10 seconds

Version 1.0.3 (Build 191218)
- Fixed client crashes sometimes when damaging mobs, related to tree damage
- Fixed Mana save on certain wands increases mana cost instead of reducing
- Fixed admin command (/clearnpc) no longer remove custom shop npcs

Version 1.0.2 (Build 171218)
- Fixed incorrect stated weapon colors from mob drops
- Fixed Valorous weapons in Majestic Shop cannot be purchased
- Added toggle option for zoom in/out guide map in F12, may be useful for those using less-keys keyboards

Version 1.0.1 (Build 161218)
- Fixed sound effects of mobs and movements not properly centered
- Fixed chat above heads not properly aligned to character coordinate
- Fixed HP/SP/MP recovery messages on bottom left upon each level up that floods the screen

Version 1.0.0 (Build 151218)
- Improved our compatibility fixes
- Built our own Client Setup (HelRaidSetup.exe) and Launcher (HelRaidLauncher.exe)
- Game client no longer can run directly, must be run through the Launcher
- Improved windowed mode to show as overlapped window, therefore the client is now moveable
- Changed host location to Asia region (temporary host)
- Added Grayscale Overlay option that will make your client outputs in black and white colors
- Removed force recall in Druncnity map
- Fixed GameServer crash issue with Stat Reset scrolls
- Stat Reset scrolls have been improved to take effects instantly without relog/disconnects
- Poison resistance is set to 20% by default for new characters thus making poison items more useful
- Lowered strip chance for Barbarian hammers, now is 15% instead of 20%
- Fixed sound effects not properly centered in 800x600 resolution
- Fixed length width of chat messages above character